Fritz@1300 vs Sabrewolfy

Jan 19, 2011, 10:27 PM |

I play black and transpose into the KID.  I've studied it a little bit on chess mentor.  I wear myself out with a 1.5 hrs of quiet positional play trying to figure out how to push f5-f4 when I had several opportunities but didn't take them because I miss-calculated tactical replies from white.  I eventually push f4 and the game is even.  But white makes 3 blunders which would have allowed me to win at three different points in the game.  But I'm so tired I just want a draw and don't find them.


- I need to improve my calculating and tactical ability.  I solve tactics problems pretty well (my record is almost 1900 on tactics trainer), but the problem is...I know there's a tactic in tactics trainer, so I find it.  In my games, I don't know if there's a tactic so I often miss them because I don't look for them.

The good news is I played a fairly decent game.  My only major errors were not recognizing and punishing white for his blunders and allowing the game to draw.

The bad news is that if you gave me the position after one of white's blunder's as a tactics trainer problem, I would have got all three of them every time.  They were pretty easy to find.  Two or three move combinations.  I'm frustrated with myself for that.  What's the point of getting good at solving tactic problems if you don't recognize opportunities in your games?  But in all fairness, I was mentally wore out.  I didn't care if I had a wining position.  I was too tired too continue.