Main Hall missing!!!

Jan 22, 2015, 4:35 AM |

Hi folks?

Have you noticed recently has removed chat room 'Main Hall' from live chess? It had been a room where players around the world would join in and share and socialize. It kept players of entertained and alive in live chess other than live matches, tournaments and observing the top players go head to head in the game. But with this lively room removed, I believe that socializing in has gone below par.

There are groups trying to restore 'Main Hall' back and one of them is debate+. It was formed a year ago and has been one of the most active rooms in live chess chat rooms. But since many members are not aware of it, only few people join the room and the environment isn't as lively as it once was.

So please join me and the others in spreading the news and giving awareness to the members of the about the missing 'main hall'. Give support to debate+ and other groups that are trying to revive old, unique socializing in live chess. Remember, humans are social animals!!!