My problem when using chess mentor. please give me a guidance...

Jun 6, 2015, 6:29 AM |

Hi? My rating in chess mentor is far ahead than my other ratings.

So I was wondering if I am using the chess mentor the way it should be used by chess players at all. When my rating was around 1600, I used the 'correct square' button a lot if I couldn't get the moves right. I have stopped using them by the time I got to 1800. Instead I have now started using 'show hint' button.

So should we - who are here to learn chess - be using hints frequently at all... ?

I normally skip the intro and just click hint even before thinking and get most of the moves right, right away. But I have a feeling that I am cheating and is not helping me(just hypothesis... I haven't noticed any downs in my game because of this).

Could you guys please help me out in using the chess mentor as efficiently as possible for beginners like me? I would really appreciate it :)