On Becoming a Chess Master

Aug 30, 2010, 10:54 PM |

Becoming a chess master is what every chess player dreams about. although some may only enjoying the game as it unfolds to their very eyes, some few may only see the game as a natural game and nothing more, but some may see it as something to turn them on and be as excited as a born athlete who excels effort physically. On these three points, I may consider myself on the latter.

Yet, the quest of becoming a master is as elusive as fulfilling my American Dream of landing a job in the "Land of the Free". Partly because I don't have the time, and if I have it, I lose my interest of pursuing it. But somehow, I still keep on playing, especially the blitz type, or rapid one. Since I don't have much time to play for a longer period, so I opted for the shorter time controls. Anyhow, be it slow pace, rapid or even blitz, it offers me the excitement to win, so much so if I play with a Russian, Hungarian, and other chess stalwarts.

On some occasions, I win, but of course I lose more. Good heavens, give me a great mind for this game, and I will give alms to the poor. It maybe a joke as it may seems, but it might turn into reality when the time comes. How I wish, becoming a chess master is still attainable. Good luck to all the woodpushers of the world, enjoy playing and be happy always.