How to become king of kings in chess

Mar 23, 2011, 10:40 AM |

Here is ansawer of ur every question. every one want to perfect in short time.Many players play lot of games but not improve game as they want.every one want to become perfect.
This is possible to become perfect in short time.i have one best example for u .suppose ur fish and other is fisher man u get all answer of ur mistakes. now think why fish catched by fisher man and avoid these
things and become perfect in chess.first go through all rules than forgot it and play. 1loss of pawn means loss of queen never forget it.2take piece away from centre in opening or mid game is harmful3play every move with planing.4alwasy play with strongest player 5solve maximum puzzles 6avoid fast moves during end game stilmate is harmful to us7find what is fisher mans plan 8play with support 9 keep pawn within range 10 find best move 11 struggle for pawn 12 thin about trap 13never miss chance .14 play dfensive game 15 be alart in mid game16 dont kill others pices if u r position is weak.17play maximum game 18 play evry game with purpose 19play according to points20play complete game 21dont give chance to others pices very close to king 22protect ur king with any one piece up to mid game 23 end game use king as u can 24see others game find mistakes 25 see top players long game thin what is differance in ur and his move.
1do this and become perfect.2no one is 100 percent perfect find reason improve ur game.3 PERFECT PLAYER IS MIXITURE OF THESE THINGS AND EXPIRANCE AND HARD WORK
applying this within week u find ur game is improved than play and play and play .GOOD LUCK.