Chess- A true friend

Jan 17, 2009, 11:18 AM |

I am a 19 year old chess freak hailing from a small city called vellore in tamil nadu, India. I have been playing this wondrous game from my 4th grade.My mom thought me the game.Also my dad and granpa was inspirational to me. As a result, me and my twin bro attended a lot of small distict level tournaments and won it. Some said we had natural talent for the game.But my chess career was short lived as I had to choose between my studies and chess. I chose the former. That is one of the problems in my country.Studies is given much higher priority than sports. The other reason I could not take my chess to the next level is that my parents could not afford much for coaching classes. Anyway I never regretted it as I never dreamt of becoming an 'Anand'. I am not a big player in chess but I know how to appreciate it. I am quite contended with it. I sincerely doubt that I can contribute anything to chess. But chess has contributed to my happiness. It made me  famous in school, also made my math and reasoning better.Thank you mom for teaching this game! A true friend is one who never expects anything from you, but always does good for you. In that way chess is indeed my true friend.

Well, this is my little life with chess! please do comment....