Kasparov on Anand: The Advance of Time

Jan 16, 2012, 8:19 PM |

I just posted an interesting quote in my notes.  For various reasons, I happen to be a fan of Vishy Anand.  In any event, I ran across the following quote by Garry Kasparov on Mr. Anand.  Mr. Kasparov noted that “Vishy is a brilliant player. But it is very difficult to compete at 40. He is up against people half his age. I will be surprised if he can go on any longer. He can fight against anyone but time.” 

Now, here we are talking about the world champion.  I am thinking to myself that I am fifty two years old (soon to be fifty three).  I learned the basics of playing chess in the fourth grade from my older cousin.  Until a year ago, when I decided to make a serious study of the game, I played on and off, but really had no clue what I was doing per se.  I didn’t play bad, but then those I played against on rare occasion, in retrospect, did not play well.  At this later stage in my life (I finally accepted I am on the downhill side) how can I expect to improve that much?  Not that I won’t continue to study and attempt to do so, but the future is looking bleak.

Then again, that is true with most everything.  There are some endeavors that age benefits.  But for the most part, the advance of time works against us.

However, I have always loved the game, and win or lose, enjoy the challenge.

By the way, I located the above quote on the following website: chessquotes.com  If you are so inclined, they have many neat quotes on the game of chess.

Vishy Anand and Garry Kasparov: