A Friend

Mar 24, 2008, 4:24 PM |

A Friend

By: Sir Shotgun

A friend is the one who tells you the truth

regardless of the cost,

A friend will help find the thing's

you'd given up as lost.


A friend will never put you down

or make you feel alone,

He'll smile and try to comfort you

'cause together you have grown.


A friend is the one who picks you up

when you've fallen on the ground,

a friend is the one whose voice at night

is a welcome, warming sound.


So when you think you're on your own

and wish you had a helping hand,

Remember, a friend is the one who,

when you cry, will always understand.


Because the world is full of people

who will laughingly pretend,

But, when its said and done

you're lucky if you've got a friend...