A hopeless fantasy

Jun 29, 2008, 12:43 AM |

A Hopeless Fantasy 


A silent tear
Runs down my face
A familiar feeling
An old phase

I begin to feel
That shiver of fear
That I will never get the chance
To say how I really feel

A unheard dialogue
Between him and me
A happily ever after
A hopeless fantasy

I am only dreaming
In my cloud of self doubt
That he might like me back
An idea I can't live without

A possibility
Unknown ability
Peace and tranquility
A change of sexuality

The match has been lit
The fire's burning bright
I need to see his face
In this bright nightlight

Flames reflecting
Eyes watching
Arms reaching
Hopes rising

It is just a hug
Will it always be?
Unbroken friendship
Instead of him and me