Don't Cry Little Angel

Mar 22, 2008, 7:01 AM |

Don't Cry Little Angel

By: Chris



Don't cry little angel,

Your heart is in good hands.

You'll go the distance,

You'll travel distant lands.

Don't worry little angel,

Your tears will soon disappear.

You'll kill the pain and stand

Without fear.

Don't run little angel,

I won't let you down.

With my caress, and all the faith,

You'll forget how to frown.

Keep standing little angel,

Because I won't let you fall.

Believe it, I was there with

Just one call.

Don't hide little angel,

There's no need to conceal.

Don't fear what there thinking,

Don't fear what you feel.

Just sing little angel,

Let heaven hear the voice it made.

Your melody is strong,

Your harmony won't fade.

You can laugh little angel,

You just don't forget,

Laughing heals the soul,

No one's proven me wrong yet.

So smile little angel,

Release your beauty from within.

Destroy the past,

Let the future begin.

Don't cry little angel,

Because you can already see,

You can always and forever,

Forever count on me.