Apr 3, 2008, 3:42 PM |

This poem is dedicated to Dale Catron, for he will always live in our memorys.... 




You said not to cry for you,

Not to shed a single tear.

You want me to be happy,

Even though your not here.



But how can I not cry?

As I look up at the stars above,

At that unforgiving night sky.

That shows no emotion, that feels no love.



I don't want to be like the darkness above!

Cold without emotion,

Alive without love.

Stranded, all alone, with no one there to hold.



So now I must weep for you,

I must mourn for everything that can not,

Feel the emotions I feel.

The sadness, I now feel a lot.



But life must carry on,

covering your memorys.

Awaiting for the next dawn,

So we can live another day...


Leah Neumann