The Light of My Life

Mar 31, 2008, 4:21 PM |

The Light Of My Life

By: Hopeless Romantic



In the darkness,

I found your light.

When all was hopeless,

Your beauty shown bright.


When I thought that I

Could love no more

You touched my heart,

To the very core.


You made me smile,

When I could only frown.

You picked me up

When I was down.


When all was lost

you gave me life

You brought me joy

Instead of strife.


Now I think of you

every day and night

You came into my life

and made every thing right


I smile when we are together

and when we are apart

The presence of your beauty

stops my very heart.


I hope as time goes on

you see how I feel

And I hope that you see

that these feelings are for real


I love you truely

I love you wholly

I love you completely

I love you solely.