Tourney - Game 1

Oct 15, 2015, 1:59 AM |

Finished one game so far in the tournament, a win against a player ranked around 100 points over me. I'm still playing too fast and need to ration moves a bit more when there are ten simultaneous games and the little game ready icon is always busy.

This game was an example of the Scandinavian defense working for me. 

The key move in the opening was move 4. By exchanging the bishops the white kingside was quite weak.

Move 18 was another important one, a big blunder losing the white Queen.

The last important move was 20, where I forked the king and rook with a protected bishop. That seemed to put the game beyond doubt and he resigned a few moves after. 

I'm looking for some resources of how to analyse my own games thoroughly in future. I do need to find tournaments to play in where there are fewer games at the same time - 5 as opposed to ten.