Chess is a Great game and fun

Mar 29, 2010, 5:53 PM |

In 2008 I leraned chess from my dad my cousain teach me how to play chess Decamber 31 2008. In 2009 January 5 2009 I was playing chess with my dad and

it was a great game I never had. In June now I was very happy because I never lost to my dad I won 280 games to him In Noveber 6 2009 I went to my first tournaement of it was a fun tournaement I won a gold medal I won 5 games and

3 losts. Right  now  I have 2 gold medal 1 broze medal and 1  First place trophie.

Chess is a fun game If you like to add a big commet what happend your story

when you leran chess  this was my big game to my dad at the front.