USCF lost 1,500 members and $420,000!

May 16, 2009, 8:30 PM |

Under the leadership of USCF President Bill Goichberg, Vice President Jim Berry, VP of Finance Randy Bauer and Executive Director Bill Hall, the United States Chess Federation lost approximately 1,500 members (according to Mike Nolan) in February in comparison to 12 months ago.

The USCF also lost $420,000 (according to USCF Chief Financial Officer Joe Nanna) in the first 7 months of this fiscal year.

In the month of March, the USCF lost 2,049 members compare to a year ago.

In the month of April, the USCF lost another 2344 members compare to a year ago.

The USCF membership was nearly 96,000 in 2003 and it is less than 80,000 right now.

In addition, due to the mishandling of legal contracts, the USCF lost the $150,000 guaranteed annual revenues from our official B&E partner.

The USCF can longer afford to host its own U.S. Championship / U.S. Women's Championship, send teams to the Olympiad or the World Team Championship. In fact, the USCF cannot even afford to send its own Zonal President to the FIDE meetings to fight for the rights of our players.

If it was not for the generosity of the KCF or Mr. Sinquefield, there would be no U.S. / U.S. Women's Championship and our teams could not go to the Olympiad. But as of now, our team has no money to compete in the World Team Championship.

Instead of focusing of fixing the many serious problems and finding ways to cut spending and increasing revenues, the USCF leadership continues to use USCF members' money for political purpose.

Unfortunately, the truth is being hidden from its members. Decisions that could effect the future of the entire federation are being made in secrecy. 3-time U.S. Champion GM Lev Alburt spoke out about here. 5-time U.S. Champion GM Larry Evans also spoke out about it in the past many times.

Susan Polgar will continue to report what goes on behind the scene and what are some of the causes for the failure of the USCF.

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