Guess My Name(A little Poetry)

Guess My Name(A little Poetry)

Sep 22, 2009, 3:58 AM |


                                                                      Guess My Name

                                                                     By: Sandra Rains





Though I walk through the valley

of uncertainty

I will not fear the unseen

And though I walk through pain

and misery

I will not become unclean

I have roamed this world for decades

untouched by human hands

I am but a fading memory

full of pain, you can not comprehend

In dark my face looks tattard  

worn and abused

In light I am like you

mistreated and used

I am the man that comes by

in the middle of the day

To hand you a book of wisdom

"I'm not interested", you say

So, I turn and walk away

Unshaken by your denial

Knowing you'll come begging

after a little while

For this world will soon be over

I'm gathering my sheep

I will not abandon

those I plan to keep

Can you guess my name?

Can you say it aloud?

In this, there is no shame

You must confess,  you can not be proud

I am the pretty butterfly

that gently lands 

My wings are that of velvet

My eye's that of man

I am the stray dog

that no one wants to feed

I am the open wound

that continues to bleed

Can you guess my name?

Will you talk of me?

Are you my friend?

Or my worst enemy?

This world will soon be over

it is coming to an end

Will you be saved and ready?

or committing sin?

Will you be waiting for me?

Or partying the night away?

Listen to me closely

and hear what I have to say

The end is so close, I know it

I set the date

Ask me for forgiveness

Do not hesitate

Asking, is all it takes

two words from you to me

Do this one thing

and 'chosen' you will be

But if you choose to wait

and put it off for another day

It's possible it'll be too late

Because I'm on my way

Now I have forwarned you

And I didn't mix my words

you can not call these parables

you can't blame me for your hurt

Just stop and look around you

Can't you see the devils deeds?

I'm asking you to claim your ground

and plant my loving seeds?

If you do this for me

I will not forget you or your own

and I will reward you 

and place you by my throne

Can you guess my name?

It's easy if you read the signs

It's just three little letters

known to all mankind

Can you guess my name?

Must I tell you after all these years?

Didn't you know my name

When I wiped away your tears?

Didn't you say "Please God, help me?"

And didn't I come fast and running?

and didn't I show compassion and help you mercifully?

It shouldn't be so hard

for you to say my name

When it has never changed

It's always been the same

I am the setting sun

that you so admire

I am the warmth you so love

by the wooded fire

I am the miracle

that amazes you.... when you die

I am your Lord Savior and Christ

I am your God.... it is  "I"