Little Man

Little Man

Oct 1, 2009, 8:05 AM |

By: Sandra Rains




Little Man



Little Bitty finger's, on little bitty hands

Little bitty arms to hug all he can


Little bitty laughter

Little bitty tears

little bitty monster's

big tremendous fears


Don't worry little baby 

Grandma's right here

She won't let them get you

She'll wipe away your tears


She'll laugh at all the little things

that you do every day

And she'll always forgive you

No matter what you say


Grandma will always protect you

Little bitty guy

Because you are her little man

That's exactly why


Grandma will teach you

all the world and then

Grandma will tell you

how important you've been


Grandma will love you baby

for all your days and more

because you are her little man

and that's what Grandma's are for