My Love

My Love

Sep 29, 2009, 5:12 AM |

                                                                          My Love



                                                               To Robert, My first Love

                                                                    By: Sandra Rains





A moment to remember

his touch upon my skin

A moment to imagine

my life without him

I walk through the door slowly

I try not to see

the bed that he now lay's in

alone and without me

I pray for God to spare me

the memories rushing through

As I walk to where you lay

to say goodbye to you

I know only that I need you

and that I do not want to be

in this world without you

to love and protect me

And as I reach you, I look

at how peaceful you seem

and I long to hear your voice

speaking sweetly to me

I long to see your blue eye's

as you say "I love you"

But I know I never will again

For your life with me is through

And as I kiss your now cold lips

I long to lay by you 

and close my eye's and stop my heart

I long to stay with you

No one will ever know

the pain I feel inside

and you will never know

Today is the day I died.