King's Indian Game

Feb 2, 2012, 8:25 AM |

Looking for feedback on a King's Indian game that I analyzed in depth and originally posted in the game analysis forum without getting any feedback. I didn't get any response there, so I'm reposting it as a blog post to see if that gets more of an audience.

I have since analyzed the game with Houdini, and there are plenty of missed tactics that I'm already aware of, so there's not much point in pointing those out. What I'm more interested in is general strategic mistakes and missed plans.

Thanks for any feedback.



Here is a game I played today with somebody on ICC. We are both rated around 1650 ICC standard. The game was played at the 45 45 time control. I made some mistakes early in the opening, and then fought hard to get a draw, probably with some help from my opponent.

I haven't yet analyzed the game with the silicon beast, so I'm sure I've missed many tactics. What I'm most looking for feedback about is late middlegame to endgame from any stronger players. I was kind of floundering, and I felt like I only survived because my opponent didn't find the best moves. I still am not sure what would have been the best general plan later in the game to fight hardest for the draw. More comments inside the game.

Any feedback would be much appeciated. This is the first game that I've analyzed this thoroughly.

By the way, the four-digit number in each comment is how much time was remaining (in seconds [started at 2700 seconds, and there's a 45-second increment after each move]).