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a little light

Dec 15, 2009, 10:57 PM 0

OK, I'll start with a confession - I loathe blitz chess. I just hate it. Might seem like a contradiction, seeing as I play well over 20 blitz games a day but, truth be told, I hate it with a passion. Why do I mess with it then? Well, I am not a shrink - not qualified to unravel the mysterious recursiveness of human contradiction both in life and in human history but I reckon that the answer lies somewhere in the imperatives of the ego. It's like someone who has just recovered from a stomach viral infection and treats himself to a full English breakfast - just to show himself he can handle it now! Problem is, I don't seem to be making much progress in blitz despite my persistence - my ego in this regard is not getting its dessert - my rating keeps falling as I lose game over game on time (I rarely get mated or forced to resign.) Anyway, it's not all that bad. Occassionally, there's a game that showers light into the pits of despondency, where I have been cast for my promethean ambitions to be a good blitz player. This is one of them. No big deal, mind you, if anything the game is commendable for A) the very active defence system used by moi and B) a classic smothered mate checkmate (straight out of the textbook)

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