I wish I were like you

Nov 3, 2009, 4:48 AM |

Hi there, I would like to post the following game, which I lost because I got disconnected just one move before mating my opponent, St_Paul. I am posting it for 2 reasons: a) because it's a good game, with a variation of the semi-slav which I have had to play before as White with little success - so it's a good excuse for an analysis b) because my opponent didn't stop offering draws right up to the last move (instead of resigning like a gentleman - he obviously noticed that I had connection problems and was praying that by buying time, I would eventually get disconnected, which I did.) so it's only fair that I get to say the last word seeing that I had a won game.

BTW, that my opponent had bad conscience is borne out by the fact that he disabled chat once it was clear he was losing (you dont fool the satanicwarmaster in matters of conscience.) I have only this to say to him - I wish I were like you, so easily satisfied:)