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Patzers and engines

Patzers and engines

Dec 11, 2010, 10:13 AM 2

Hi everyone, I've just had an interesting exchange with a complete braindead patzer who kept accusing me of using an engine throughout the game. I tried to explain to him many times during the game that if I were, a patzer like him wouldn't survive 7 moves let alone 30+. It was of course useless. It's kind of ironic that the same person accusing of using an engine speaks like one: U r using engine. No, u idiot, I'm not - if I were... U r using engine. Listen u fool...U r using engine Oh shut up...U r using engine...Ok, if you think that, report me... U r using engine. Anyway, finally I told him that I will post one of the games on my blog just to shame him. I don't normally put the name of my opponent when I beat him and post the game but I'll do it this time for obvious reasons. It's interesting, if anything to see what an incredible ego some people have - they'll believe it takes an engine to destroy them even when they play like this (kind of shows you the true bliss of ignorance):

BTW, I have chosen the best out of the three games I played against him, which was the second one. The other two are just too stupid - in the last one, for instance, he lets me take his bishop on move 5, while in the first he lets me build up an attack on the kingside and then castles into it. so I'd be insulting ur intelligence if I posted it. Sad as it is, this experience has taught me to raise the rating of players I am prepared to play against - before I used to set it at 1200 but from now on it will be 1500. Have no time to waste.


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