Chess Personality Profiling Principle

Mar 16, 2008, 2:36 AM |

I was playing a guy, tonight, who told me that his job was printing cardboard boxes. He works third shift, which is how he can play me in the middle of the night. I imagine him in a noisy printworks, making sure "This End Up" is printed this end up.

"Printing boxes and playing chess," I joked. "You're a rennaissance man!" 

"Actually it's funny you say that." he replied as my Greco defense collapsed, "I have a degree in fine arts."

This caused me to wonder what playing lots of online chess says about a person. I bet that playing chess is an urge that comes from a dynamic that also drives us to have other interesting urges. So, here's my conjecture: It's impossible for love of chess to be the only thing interesting about a chess player.

Applying this principle, I would say, if you play chess well, and otherwise appear to be a completely conventional, boring and unremarkable person, then you must be a secret agent under deep cover. Like that movie The Bourne Identity. (Wink wink. I won't blow your cover. Please don't kill me.)