Beginning blues

Jan 26, 2010, 12:55 PM |

So, I am pretty new to chess and I really like playing but I have no clue about strategy of any sort.   I know that games should have a beginning middle and end however, when I play, opponents just come right to me and attack.  Granted, I think this is the difference between higher ranked players and lower ranked; however, I think it has more to do with my start.   So, what do I do with my pieces?  What is the strategy I should be going with.  Well, maybe I should check out the articles and what not on beginnings.  Nope, its all in an alien language and not meant for anyone who just started.  The game explorer is quite annoying, I really cant figure out what all these openings are and when I go to explore them.. it doesnt really teach me anything but a set pattern thats been going on for a real long time.  So I just play and play all these higher rated people and well, that just isn't working either!

So what now?  give up?  It be nice to play but with no one to point out this and that.. what is the use?

Not to mention that ever since Ive been playing so much I have gotten much worse!  I just end up resigning over and over because of the same mistakes.  so I try new stuff and it just goes bad. 

Without some accessible knowledge meant for good beginners it is pointless....