d4 defense help

Mar 10, 2010, 6:13 PM |

So I am trying to find a good solid defense for d4 opening.  I opened my MCO (Modern Chess Opening) and started checking the options. 

Is there general defense for d4?  It seems every opening for d4 must follow a sequence for at least 3 moves.  So I would to learn 10 openings to fit it in.. Not to mention I  would have to hope my opponent went that way too.

THere are e4 openings just based on e4!  Like the caro-kann e4 c6... bam!  thats it.. now there are plenty of variations.. but with d4.. the variations all start after line 7....  (exaggeration or is it?!)?!

Thanks for listening and hope to hear some good feedback!!!!