First Rated OTB Win!!!!!

Apr 21, 2010, 9:36 AM |

It is about time my friends!  I have been going to this club for a couple months now and everytime I really mess up my games.   I have a hard time on real boards because I am always playing online.  

The game wasn't the best.  We went over it afterward.  There were plenty of places both of us could have moved better.   (I really recommend getting a couple experienced players to analyze with you!)  But the finale was beautiful!

The chess club I go to is intense!  Most of them are rated 1800 +  some are 1500+ then there are 2 of us provisional non rated folks.   90% of them have been playing 20+ years and they have no problems with OTB games! 

So it is really up to me to improve fast or get whopped everytime!  I can compete and I finally showed them... 


There it is, my first win!  I dreamt sweet chess dreams all night!  Hope you enjoyed! 

Good luck and play hard!

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