Games of the weekend....

Mar 15, 2010, 12:07 PM |

So I didn't get to play too much chess this weekend because our lovely city decided to upgrade our power sub-station.  Thus, we were blacked out for 24 hours.   It was nice to get away..... 

here are a couple games... The first one is a chump dude that I think wanted me to resign.  He played like 3 moves and then let his time sit for 10 minutes.  I was typsy and shouldn't of been playing in the first place so I hung with it...

so there is that dude.  If ya run into him and he tries that same long pause.. give me a shout back!  People that either are cheating or just being punks should be brought before everyone and humilitated! heeh

Here is another game.  This is my highest online (corresondence) win yet!  I had played this person 2 other times.  I new I could eventually get him..  I didn't think it would be this soon and especially not with how this game begins!

Hope you enjoyed the blog today.. not very exciting.. but fun nonetheless!

Good luck playing out there!