Intense game....

Mar 29, 2010, 8:40 PM |


Its been a while since I have posted a game and Ijust played this one and its fun!  Good tactics for the beginners and lots of intenseness at the end for everyone!

I have recently changed my opinion of live games.  I think the online games are far more important for us beginners.  You have the chance to practice and use tools to do so.  Live games are to be played just straight out like an OTB game. 

Not to mention, its so hard to practice new openings on live games because its almost impossible to find someone who knows the opening lines.  pretty much aftger move 3 or 2 its a free for all!

Super fun game! 

Have fun and play lots and I'll sooner or later play you...  be worried higher rated folks.. I am moving up nicely!