Losing to aggression & then winning...

Feb 22, 2010, 10:38 AM |

Here is an early morning game that I played right after waking up.  Not always the best time to play for me.  Usually I would do an unrated game.  Today I decided to be crazy and play rated.  Either way I play.. I played horribly.  I let his aggresive moves startled me and hurt my game! 

After this game we did a rematch.  I made sure to trade his queen.  Going into the end game I had a rook and 7 pawns and he had 2 pawns and a rook.  I am very new to the endgame; however, I remained calm gave my king a job of guarding my pawn and eventually we traded rooks and I promoted one of my pawns.  It would of been hard for me to lose with so much an advantage.  His antics didn't phase me in the second game and it showed!

That was one of my first successful endgames... I think what I learned most was if I have that much of a pawn advantage to trade those rooks off sooner rather than later!