Online vs. Live for beginning players..

Feb 20, 2010, 12:12 PM |

The streak lives on!  I doubt it will last for too much longer, but I am glad to have it for a bit.  Maybe playing all these way high rated players in online chess is paying off.  Doubt it.  For us beginners that are really trying to learn a bunch of new concepts all at once, I think the online games are not where its at. 

Let me explain...  

     If i start a game on Monday, good chance by Saturday all the knowledge I learned and processed for the week will make my previous started game look compeletely foriegn.   It doesn't matter if I play high rated or low rated peeps.  The games I play online look like someone elses game by the end of the week... 

     I think live games is the only way to get solid skills as a beginner.  Everything takes place at the same time.  What you know you know and it shows!   No excuses, nothing.. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to get all the thinking you will need done.  If there is a game that has a 15 minute limit and you need 25.. then make one and wait.. I have never waited more than 5 minutes for a game to start!

   I would also like to point out that I do not think online games are a waste of time. I just wouldn't get to upset with them until you have progressed enough to where you are playing a stable game all the time.  Play all the games you can and definately play the higher rated peeps.. thats what online is about.. just don't get upset... unless your live games suck... then work harder!

Remember to hate the game not the player.. hehe...


Good luck out there!