Chess by numbers

May 31, 2011, 10:47 PM |


Yesterday I watched the trailer for the film Bobby Fischer against the world and the great Kasparov is saying that the number of total combinations in chess is something like 10 exponent 45.......

Kasparov is wrong (once in a lifetime Smile so I can proudly announce you  he's not a machine) I decided to put some order on this quite delicate matter.

The total number of combination in chess is simply unimaginable something like 10 with 120 as exponent which means a 10 with 120 zero.

Just to give you an idea of what all this really means.. the number of the whole electrons in the entire universe according to the most accurate calculation is something like 10 with 79 as exponent. So a simple chessboard has much more possibility than the entire universe, (not just the solar system, as Kasparov sad)  :-)

On the first move you've got 400 possible possibilities after second turn the possibilities arise to 71.852 after 3 moves you've got 9 millions of possibilities after 4 moves they are 315 billions..........and this is just after 4 moves.

The number of squares in chess is 64 which is 8x8 and 8 is a number which rappresents infinite also in today's math if you just lay down the number …