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US judge agrees with chess24 on chess moves

US judge agrees with chess24 on chess moves

Nov 24, 2016, 2:07 AM 0


A US federal court has ruled that “robust reporting” of chess moves during play is in the public interest. The ruling, published on 22 November, explained why the attempt by World Chess (Agon) to stop chess24 and Chessgames from broadcasting the moves of the Carlsen-Karjakin World Chess Championship had been denied. The long-established understanding in the chess world that chess moves can’t be copyrighted has therefore now been upheld this year in both a US and a Russian court. read here


of particular interest to me were yasser seriwan's comments regarding the matter:  here's an excerpt of his statement 

"Chess event organizers have a monopoly on absolutely clear uncontestable copyrightable materials: They have all photography rights; all webcam rights (of the players in action over the board); all audio rights to their own online show; they have all post-game interview rights; including still photography, video and audio; press conference rights; they have all promotional rights that feature the players; they have merchandizing rights to the players images and likenesses; as well as other numerous rights. They have exclusive rights to all these clear uncontestable universally accepted copyrightable materials allowing them to make the very best (online) show of their own event. They could press all these materials into a DVD or another product of their choice. How could any other party “compete” against such a show? Instead, possessing all these rights, what do they decide to do with their time and money? It really is crazy: They spend large sums to go after the one single right they DO NOT have: Copyright of chess moves for a very, very small period of time. Why do they do this?"


my answer... GREED, good old corporate GREED!


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