Chess Openings 1. e4

Feb 13, 2008, 4:40 PM |

Here is a list of chess openings starting 1. e4. This is somewhat like what is on Bill Wall's blog, but I have revised and added some new names:

Cornstalk Defense or Ware Defense:

1. e4   a5

St. George's Defense, Baker Defense, or Birmingham Defense:

1. e4   a6

Owen's Defense, Queen's Fianchetto Defense, or Greek Defense:

1. e4     b6

Sicilian Defense

1. e4    c5

Caro-Kann Defense:

1. e4   c6

Scandinavian Defense or Center Counter Defense:

1. e4   d5

Pirc Defense

1. e4   d6

King's Pawn Game

1. e4  e5

French Defense:

1. e4    e6

Fred Defense, Duras Gambit, or Tiers Counter-Gambit:

1. e4   f5

Barnes Defense

1. e4   f6

Grob Defense, Borg Defense, Basman's Defense, Basmanic Defense, or Macho Grob:

1. e4     g5

Modern Defense:

1. e4   g6

Pickering Defense or Goldsmith Defense:

1. e4    h5

Carr Defense:

1. e4     h6

Lemming Defense:

1. e4      Na6

Nimzowitsch Defense:

1. e4     Nc6

Alekhine's Defense:

1. e4     Nf6

Adams Defense or Wild Bull Defense:

1. e4    Nh6


I will post more variations at a later date. Enjoy!