Neat mating sequence in 9

Neat mating sequence in 9

Aug 23, 2017, 12:02 PM |

The following mating sequence includes some patterns that you probably encounter. It doesn't take an expert to understand that the initial position is completely lost, however a beginner to intermediate might struggle to find this sequence in 9.. perhaps unnecessarily so. My opponent resigned here after playing the move Kg4 and there obviously would be no point resenting that.



I (ehm, stockfish) analyzed the game and saw that from here there is a mate in 9, not too surprising.


Curious to know the correct continuation I found that this mate included some pretty cool patterns, something like you may see as a Sunday puzzle (not too hard, but interesting). Let's take a look and separate this into sub goals. 1 break through with your rook



completely forced for white and nothing too astounding. I found particularly interesting here exactly how forced all these moves are. Somebody of a lower intermediate level like me could even visualize this sequence. The pretty straight forward logic of these moves is in part what encouraged me to share this analysis. The lack of lengthy alternate solutions makes this sequence calculable.


Proceeding with goal 2: after forced Rh4, leverage that ..Kf6 creates a deadly mating net to get rid of the defender pulling the noose tighter.



Admittedly, Kg5 may have been difficult to foresee. This may be made a lot easier though when well aware of the ensuing mating net after gxh4. An interesting pattern.


Now finish drawing close the noose. Don't rush, you may be surprised by the best move.



 Undoubtedly the highlight of the sequence, a subtle and devastating move. The King has nowhere to go to and the executioners are right around the corner. And now, the finale. A fun little Mate in 2 puzzle after gxh4.



I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have happy.png Leave a comment if you have any, I suspect not a lot of people may read this and I appreciate the feedback.