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Grandmaster Game Analysis Part 1 Karpov - Spassky 0-1

Grandmaster Game Analysis Part 1 Karpov - Spassky 0-1

Mar 11, 2014, 4:00 AM 2

This is going to be my attempt at thoroughly analyzing a game between two very strong Grand masters, Anatoly Karpov and  Boris Spassky, of one of their games of their candidates match in 1974.

This analysis will all be manual, meaning no computers helping me, this is for my own benefit and also other readers as well.
In this analysis I will attempt to explain each of the Grandmaster's moves to my fullest ability, I will offer lines of analysis here and there (no computer assisted ones). If a strong player or even Grandmaster happens to run across this post, I will be eternally grateful if you offered some insight into my analysis skills.

This was the first game of their Semifinal Candidates Match which Spassky went on to win, keep in mind that I am NOT a strong player so my analysis may have some holes, I'm just putting it out there for some feedback Smile

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