ACC G&G Swiss - Round 1

Oct 7, 2013, 8:53 PM |

Here's my annotated version of tonight's OTB tournament game. I had a nice surprise and was paired with Vinorth again, who is a great opponent and was again very generous with his review.

After we were paired I somehow came up with the idea that a good plan would be to get 'out of book' as soon as possible since I know that Vinorth has much better knowledge of openings than me. We discussed that logic a little bit during our review. He suggested that a better plan would be to stick with one that I know, especially against a stronger player (who almost surely also has stronger tactical skills and stronger positional understanding to boot). I can't find the exact quote, but in hindsight I also remember Dan Heisman saying something to this effect, maybe on Twitter.

After giving up my c-pawn I missed a crucial opportunity to win it back. Not dealing with this pawn immediately was almost certainly what cost me the game. 6…a5 was clearly the best reply to b4, but I managed to reply with b6. Vinorth and Alex pointed out that a5 is a very common idea for black. I feel like I often play a move like b6 in situations like this, so I will try to burn this idea into memory.

Thanks to Vinorth for the game and great review, and here's to a new regime of regular slow tournament games and getting back some good chess habits! Not a stellar game from my side, but a happy return.