ACC G&G Swiss - Round 4

Nov 4, 2013, 8:50 PM |

Monster fail tonight at chess club as I went into desperation mode, completely unnecessarily. This game was a main line Scotch (one of my favourites as White), and it quickly evolved into a showdown on the kingside. When Milan was able to swing his rook around to join the attack, I panicked and blundered in desperation. Here's the game:

This was unfortunately similar to my earliest losses at ACC, where around 9:00 I lose my composure. I have to remember to take a deep breath and look again, especially with so much time remaining. Also, I should note that I often blunder when my opponent makes the move I expect, and I don't take a moment to take a fresh look at the real position on the board, rather than thoughtlessly playing my planned response. I know I have the ability to keep my patience, so why do I still move hastily?

Thanks to Milan for the game and review, and brother Dave for hanging out and keeping me sane afterwards.