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ACC G&G Swiss - Round 5

Nov 11, 2013, 7:57 PM 0

For the final round of the Ghosts & Gobbling Swiss, I was finally paired with one of the younger people in my section - these guys never seem to be fazed and play VERY quickly. Well, as if to make up for last week, I was on the safe side of a double blunder in the opening and big one at move 24 that turned a close game into a win. I finish the tournament at 2.5/4 and will be curious to see where my CFC rating sits now that I've got a handful of games into the books!

The Good:

• I'm feeling very good about recognizing the chance to start an attack with 20...f5 - in the past I know that I would almost never have considered disturbing my own king position in this way. 
• Continuing to play at my own speed in spite of my opponent's quick play

The Bad: 
• 9...Qb6?? - probably not ever a good idea after the standard white Be3 in a Sicilian. This might have cost me the game before I even made it out of the opening. The sick part is that I had somehow convinced myself that it was a book move and played it without too much hesitation. 
• fixating on the fork idea after move 20. It's nice to recognize potential tactics but it's another thing to presume that the chance to play them will magically arise. 

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