ACC Scarf Weather R4

Dec 10, 2013, 7:35 AM |

Well, I haven't posted any game annotations in a while, but I had a good win in an exciting game against a stronger opponent at club last night. Black made his own development difficult with some strange opening moves, and I got the kind of game I think we beginners all imagine when we picture a game going well, with a big attack on f7... Here it is:

I'm often at a loss about what to do with a lead in development - I know that it's a temporary advantage and I never seem to make anything out of it in time, so in this game I tried to start an attack a little more promptly (maybe more accurately, an opportunity to attack presented itself!). To that extent, I think it was a success. Though I didn't really get burned for it, I recognize that seeing a fork combined with a pin and some of the continuation from 21.e6+ was so exciting that I didn't even consider black's reply. Next time the punishment might be worse.