ACC Summer Festival - Round 2

Jul 22, 2013, 9:59 PM |

This week, my first pairing didn't show and I was re-paired with a nice guy: Enrique, rated 1189 CFC. It was good to play white, and I was hoping to try a Scotch so 1...e5 was also a nice turn of events. 

Unfortunately for me, it turned into a bit of a heartbreaker. Though it was always very close, I felt like I was slightly better at times and even allowed myself to fantasize about picking up my first rated win! Yes, I was already waving at the cheering crowds in my head. Sadly it all came crashing down when I suddenly moronically hung a rook at move 31. 

On the bright side, I kept it close much deeper into the game than ever before and I'm feeling better and better about my ability to recognize threats. The other positive for me was recognizing the start of a kingside attack with f5, although my timing was off a bit. It feels good to have a plan!

Not sure if I'm even qualified to use the term, but I wondered if this game wasn't a bit 'drawish'? Or maybe I had a position that looked handsome to me but ended up being easy to neutralize by trading pieces. 

It's starting to feel like I have a problem running out of gas about two hours into the game, when I either allow myself to get annoyed when a plan needs to be abandoned (as in this game), or by thinking that it's a good idea to try something that my opponent is not expecting without calculating properly. Next week I will really have to focus on keeping my composure after 9 PM. 

Since the game went late, we didn't really have time for a review. Here's my post mortem analysis from home. A very disappointing end to an otherwise satisfying game. Thanks to Enrique for agreeing to be re-paired with me and slugging through a long game.