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Back to the Grind, Round 3

Back to the Grind, Round 3

Oct 3, 2016, 8:06 PM 0

Finally, my first win after coming back to club regularly - the game is a Sicilian against a familiar opponent. Like my game against Mark a few weeks ago, we castled opposite sides. This time I tried to apply some of what I remembered from reviewing that game, especially to not lose time in the attack. This time, though it was still pretty clumsy, I got a step ahead. 

Black's 14...b4 slip helped me along, and I knew I had extra material, though honestly I was feeling a little bit nervous about my loose king position as we played on. I managed to keep my pieces working together while keeping the pressure on her king position and eventually won another piece. Thanks to Larissa for the exciting game! Now, off to bed because tomorrow night's Jays game promises to have me pulling my hair out…

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