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Sub Zero Performance

Sub Zero Performance

Nov 7, 2016, 8:22 PM 1

Hey, here's a question: isn't the point of analyzing these games and putting them online to learn something from them? Go figure. Pretty crummy game at club tonight, in spite of what I thought was one of my better weeks of prep. I had been having pretty good success with tactics and working on safety problems this week, so I was hoping to have a relatively clean game. No such luck. My opponent was new to club (and probably strong enough to play in the next section up, also immediate tactical advantage from being named 'Tal') so I wasn't quite sure how to approach him. I made what I thought was an aggressive early move in the French, then abruptly made a very poor move (7...Nxd4??), handing him a massive lead in development that quickly turned out to be fatal. Gory details below. 

I guess that after that one I can only try to not take it too hard and continue working on the safety. Again, I'm finding that I play some strange moves OTB for odd reasons, misreading the situation with my opponent. One thing that I might try for the next few games is just playing the opening moves that I know are solid and safe instead of jumping out on the tightrope too soon. Seeya then. 

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