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Two in a Row

Two in a Row

Nov 21, 2016, 9:16 PM 1

Over the weekend before this game, I got mega-addicted to the new Magnus Trainer app - some really creatively arcade style training games (sort of like those Chess Maze books) and I swear they are helping with vision! The new Drills section in the Chess.com app has been great too, and I've been trying to play out won positions against the computer. 

A little spoiler then, before the review: here is my big tactical shot from tonight, in puzzle form. By taking Bxb7, White has allowed Bxh3 - now he grabs another pawn with Bxa6. What can Black do?

From here on I had a nice attack, but still managed to get into a little bit of hot water after 21.g4.  In review, Mark and I thought the position was relatively equal after the desperado 22...Bxg4, but supposedly Black is still in better shape. It felt very dicey at the board. I caught a final break with 26.e2 and a discovered check tactic to end the game. 

Here's the full game, with a few quick notes. 

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