Carlsen Anand Game 2

Nov 9, 2014, 8:57 AM |

Again, after a fairly normal opening Carlsen seemed to get a significant attack going.  Vishy made some good moves on the queenside to acheive some kind of counterplay, and it appears that Carlsen's responses were not the most accurate.  Still, the champion maintained a healthy advantage, and from Svidler's commentary, it appeared that any endgame would go to White. 

I can't help but think the immense pressure lead to the significant blunder of h5, which loses the game immediately.  The evaluation goes from ~1 to ~10, since black must immediately give up the queen to prevent mate, and resigning seems like the best option.  Did Vishy fold under the psychological pressure?  I can't imagine it was time trouble, he must have just missed Qb7, which seems like an obvious move.

Do the floodgates now open?  Does Magnus simply continue the steamroller and win this match 6.0 to 2.0?  Tough day for Vishy fans, and for endgame fans, as we were deprived what was potentially a very interesting conclusion to the game. 

Looking forward to what ChessExplained says in his analysis.