Does 1.e4 annoy you ? Play The Scandinavian!

Jan 22, 2013, 3:42 AM |

A lot of kids doesn't like seeing their opponents play 1.e4 when they are Black.If you hate facing "open game", you might like the Scandinavian defense.It's a great defense and easy to play.The scandinavian has reputation for good position and strong defence

You don't need to memorize long variation 

We are going to look at a game that show Scandinavian is  good

A fun attack, right? Here's what you should try to remember:
1.The basic Scandinavian set-up :d5, Nf6 ,Nxd5 ,Nb6 ,Nc6
2.For beginner player don't play Qxd5, this move loses tempo .
3.If your opponent play 2.e5 you should play 2. .... c5 
4.You should develope your piece and castling earlier

In the next post we will see another different variation of Scandinavian

See you next time Smile!