Dec 21, 2012, 1:45 AM |

In chess there are 3 possible results .Obviously,we prefer to win our games ! But unfortunately we can't expect to do that in our real life. At times we face bad positions and those are the times when our best hope is to save the game with a draw .One of the methods of achieving a draw is to create a stalemate .

In the first position Black has an overwhelming material advantage. But it's White's move, and White can use a decoy to create a stalemate position .

The solution is 1.Qf3+! ,sacrifing White Queen and forcing the Black Queen to a bad square. After 1. ..... Qxf3 White has no legal move .
And the game is draw by stalemate 
In the next example Black also has a lot of extra material. Avoiding a loss would be a great accomplishment for White!
The White King can't move so all White needs to do is to get rid of the queen with 1.Qg8+!, and no matter which Black piece capture the Queen , White is stalemated.
Here Black is up by only one pawn but it is far advanced,giving Black a serious advantage .
It's hard to believe that in one move the game will end in a draw.
Thw White king has several squares to move to and White rook is active . Yet after 1.Re8+! Black is forced to accept to "gift" and after 1. ...... Rxe8 White is stalemated .
Now I give you 5 stalemate puzzles