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Chess and Fate

Chess and Fate

Aug 24, 2011, 10:31 AM 0

Is everything in life predetermined?  Do we sit down to play a chess game and have the result that fate gives us?  I think many of us are convinced that fate doesn't play a great role in our lives, but the fact remains that even when we study as hard as we can, try to control as many factors as possible, we can't possibly have everything under our command.  One example of this would be the famous Chigorin Steinitz match in 1892, which featured two giants of the game close to their primes.  Chigorin blundered the last game of the match while clearly winning, and so did not take the mantle of world champion.  However, his loss affected others as well, with the chief vicim being Tarrasch, who would never become world champion, almost precisely because of this event.  Tarrasch had no way of knowing that his life would be changed by a blunder occuring many miles away, but it was, and this is what I'd call fate.  I discuss this more on my blog at http://secondmedic.wordpress.com/, if you would come and perhaps discuss abit with me, I would be very happy.  I'd welcome all comments here as well.




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