Improve Your Chess Now #2- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1300-1500
1300 elo to 1500 elo

Improve Your Chess Now #2- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1300-1500

Dec 24, 2017, 8:47 AM |

Disclaimer! I'm sharing my story and what I did to make my improvements. I'm not saying this is the best or the only way, nor that it will work for you. But it should help most people in one way or another!


Climbing the Elo Ladder Fast!

I want to make it clear that going from 1200+ up to at least 1500-1600 in a very short time came from 2 things.

1. I stopped trying to use openings I had played 30 years ago and no longer remembered how to play (getting me into all kinds of bad positions)

2. My first conscious change to just not make huge blunders in each and every game.


So, to be able to play as both black and white "without openings/opening theory" I went for The Black Lion (for black) and The London System for white (as earlier stated).


Both openings can be played against almost every way of play from your opponent.


One still have to learn how to play them even if there is much less to learn and I did that from Ginger GMs (Simon Williams) courses on both openings.


I also started to look at Simons first Master Method course. More about that in the next entry.