Improve Your Chess Now #5- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1700-1800

Improve Your Chess Now #5- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1700-1800

Dec 24, 2017, 9:32 AM |

The 1800s are Here, Praise to The Ginger GM!

Disclaimer! I'm sharing my story and what I did to make my improvements. I'm not saying this is the best or the only way, nor that it will work for you. But it should help most people in one way or another!


When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going!

Honestly, when I was at around 1300elo, deservingly, I did not think I would pass 1600 in any foreseeable time.

At 1700 I was happy and more than a little proud over my improvements. But I could see new problems blocking my way. My opponents played in a completely different way from 1650+ and up.

I got stuck and even fell down over 60-70 points for a number of weeks but it felt like I was adjusting to this new way of playing. I came back to where I had been and then slowly started to go up again.


By now a new part of chess needed some attention.


If I didn't win by a massive attack or lose by being outplayed or a blunder then we ended up in some kind of endgame. I messed up more than one, so more endgame training!

I also kept up with the analyzing each game after playing it and going through it. Noting better ways to play and how to use my position in the best way possible.


Endgames, Tactics and Analysis

The three main focus points.


The struggle keeps on...


Ginger GMs Master Method I

I'm not sure you can call me lazy. I read every day and constantly go through courses of every kind. Studying chess, I've found to be the only way I can get better and to learn I need a special type of course.

Simons (Ginger GM) Master Method I worked very well for me. It addressed a selected few things and Simon explained a way of handling these areas with examples and his a bit unique style. Make sure your not an enemy to Harry if you get into Simons teaching or you'd be dead in the water!


Check it out on his site above to learn more about it.