Improve Your Chess Now #6- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1800+
1800 elo to 1870 elo

Improve Your Chess Now #6- Climbing the ELO Ladder, 1800+

Dec 24, 2017, 9:59 AM |

Almost 1900elo, in time for the new year!

Disclaimer! I'm sharing my story and what I did to make my improvements. I'm not saying this is the best or the only way, nor that it will work for you. But it should help most people in one way or another!


It's getting harder by the day!

Like the song goes, "It's a hard days work".


I passed the 1800 rating mark exactly a month ago.

I have since then been up to 1872, fallen to 1768, gone up to 1850, fallen to 1798 and now reached 1870 again.

I'd dare say that I've reached what looks like my present strength level. Somewhere between 1800-1870 at the moment.

What Have I done Lately?

I finished of GInger GMs Master Method I and bought Master Method II!

I do want to clarify on thing about Simon's Master Method II. It is different from Master Method I in the way that it has a number of suggestions for openings. None of which I play at this moment. So that part of the course is of no use for me at this moment. It could be what you need though! Check it out but remember that you should get the first course before this one to get maximum bang for the buck as the second one builds on the first one.


I have also gone back to the opening courses for The Black Lion and The  London System and started to go through them again, all the way plus studying them in more detail in specific lines.


I keep my tactics training up daily.


I also still analyze each and every game I play.


I do know that the elo one get from playing 5 minute games is not the same as a real elo rating but there is no doubting the fact that 3 month ago, I had a hard time keeping my own against 1250-1300 elo players on and now I'm doing it with players that have 1800+ and that has according to their stats been over 1900 and even 2000 in rating.


I have improved, and improved massively!


So to end this chirstmas post I'll give you some of my chess heroes from this last year.


St Louis Chess Club for outstanding work, tournaments organization, live commentating and video creation

Chessbrah - Erik Hansen, Aman (GM) Hambleton, Robin van Kampen

Yasser Seirawan - He's here, he's there, he's everywhere! Young man around my own age with an amazing amount of skill and knowledge!

Simon Williams - Ginger GM, thanks for getting me to where I am Simon!

Fiona Steil-Antoni - The most likeable chess player in the world. And vlogger, commentator, pr as well as player. Have a good 2018 Fiona!

Magnus Carlsen - I may be a Swede but Go Magnus!

Tiger Hillarp - for Tigers Modern

Nils Grandelius - Like 1/2 a point from being at the top everywhere. 2018 is the year Nils!

Danny Rensch - Mr keep all the good work up Danny, 2018 is around the corner!

And so many more that I can't list them here.


Looking forward to a nice chess filled 2018 and wishing you all the same!